News and Announcements

Change of Time for Dryland

Posted by Kelowna Ogopogo Swim Club at Oct 19, 2020 6:07PM PDT

There are no longer two dryland sessions. The entire group will meet together Thursday at 4-5pm H2O grass.

We are going to continue until the daylight and weather allows us; however, we are having an extremely hard time finding an indoor facility to continue training strength throughout the winter months. If any family has a connection to a gym, community centre, etc., please contact Karla directly.


Registration for the October to December session closes Friday October 23, 2020.


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Schedule September 8th-27th 2020

Posted by Kelowna Ogopogo Swim Club at Sep 15, 2020 9:13PM PDT

Swim Times
Monday -Thursday
7-8pm D & C
8-9pm A & B

7-8pm Ogies & E
8-9pm D, C, B, A (optional)

7-7:45 Ogies
7:45-8:30 E

6-7pm D & C
7-8pm B & A

6:30-7pm Ogies & E

New Equipment Policy

Posted by Kelowna Ogopogo Swim Club at Aug 12, 2020 9:49AM PDT

There have been many changes to the Ogopogo Swim Club over the last few months due to COVID-19. As we return to the pool we have had to look at our equipment use and storage. We are no longer permitted to share equipment among swimmers, as we have in the past. The team is also no longer permitted to store equipment on the pool deck.

We will now be requiring all swimmers to have their own equipment and a mesh bag to bring it to practice.

Groups A-D: Jr. kickboard, fins, paddles and a pull buoy.
Group E and Ogies: Jr. kickboard and fins

Many swimmers were able to purchase the old team equipment at a discounted price. If you need to purchase new equipment the team has a discount code to use at Team Aquatic Supplies. Please email for the discount code.

This is a time of transition and adjustment the coaches will not be expecting swimmers to have all the gear right away. However, please bring what you have to practice each day.

Our hope is that all swimmers will have their own equipment by the start of the winter session.